Empower Youth Services

In-home Counseling for Youth on Probation

Empower offers intensive family skills, which are provided in home and serve as a vessel to empower youth toward a more effective way of functioning through life’s transitions.

ART (Aggression Replacement Training) Groups

ART groups are designed to decrease the incidents of repeat offenders in the juvenile justice system. ART strives to empower youth to utilize structural learning, anger control and moral reasoning in managing anger.

Pre- and Post-Adoption Support Groups For Youth

These groups are designed to work with pre/post adoptive youth to support youth as they go through the adoption process as well as after adoption. Support groups address attachment, loyalty and Biological-family issues in addition to acceptance, family, and cultural implications.

This service is provided in conjunction with family sessions to integrate youth and parents into the family system and develop the new family dynamic.

Teen Problem Solving Skills

Empower offers one to one skills to address healthy decision making and problem solving skills. This service is designed to empower youth toward safe and effective ways of engaging in conflict management and serves to provide youth with non-violent alternatives to mediation.

Independent Living Skills

ILS skills are offered to empower youth toward successful independence. Services are comprised of both educational and hands on experience in acquiring hard and soft skills. Youth work one on one with counselors as well as in group settings on developing skills in the following areas: educational, residential, financial, vocational, emotional, social, relational and interpersonal. In-home family services are also offered as needed aid in prevention of placement disruptions.

Transition Groups

Transition groups are offered to empower youth in navigating successfully through life’s transitions.

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