Empower Training Services

Empower offers relational based training for County Agencies

What is relational based training? As workers we all know that if we develop a positive relationship with clients they are more willing to work on the case plan and utilize services that are in place to assist them with functioning independently of the system.


Through our collaboration with Change INC of Minneapolis and their mental health professionals, we at Empower have adopted the Practice Evidence Based mode called the RDA process to address relational issues within agencies. The process allows workers and administrators to explore relational problems internally and discuss how these problems inhibit communication between other professionals involved in the case and prevents families from fully engaging in their case plans. For more information about relational based training please contact us.

Team Building Training

We also utilize the relational based model in helping agencies develop team cohesiveness. Our approach to team building requires worker and administrator to develop a consistent problem solving process and utilize relationships to set standards and achieve department goals. This process also allows worker and adminstrators bridge the hierarchial gap by coming together around an identified goal.

Diversity Training

This training is to discuss the relational factors which inhibits cultural awareness and teaches worker and probation officer to utilize openness and self-awareness to deliver client centered services. What is unique about our diversity training? We don't utilize the shaming model. We believe that to move to self-awareness and empathy allows workers to navigate through a diverse population.

Custom Training

If there is a custom training that your agency needs or you don't see what you are looking for here, please contact us to see if we can meet your needs.

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